Market Drayton Hockey Club

England Hockey Board , a company limited by guarantee, is the National Governing Body (NGB) for hockey in England. It is also the nominated country (NC) for Great Britain Hockey.

England Hockey co-ordinates the competition structure throughout the sport and runs the Slazenger England Hockey League (EHL), as well as over 30 national knockout competitions and a whole host of other tournaments. It also ensures that an appropriate disciplinary code is in place and ensures that there is a development pathway for players.

The full England Hockey Code of Ethics & Behavior can be found here:  

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Respect - General.pdf Respect - General.pdf
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Respect - Players.pdf Respect - Players.pdf
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Respect - Umpires and Officials.pdf Respect - Umpires and Officials.pdf
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Respect - Spectators and Parents.pdf Respect - Spectators and Parents.pdf
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Respect - Medical Practitioners.pdf Respect - Medical Practitioners.pdf
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EHB Code of Behaviour for young people.pdf EHB Code of Behaviour for young people.pdf
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England Hockey Equality Policy.pdf England Hockey Equality Policy.pdf
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England Hockey Anti-Bullying Guidance.pdf England Hockey Anti-Bullying Guidance.pdf
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MDHC Social Media Policy.pdf MDHC Social Media Policy.pdf
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Club Membership Form 2017.doc Club Membership Form 2017.doc
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