Market Drayton Hockey Club

Support & Fundraising

In our town we do not have a pitch for our club and other sports clubs; this hinders our development and will be the deciding factor as to how much we progress.

We are therefore raising money with the objective of getting a pitch built.

It has been done by clubs in the past and we should be no different.

This section of the website is therefore dedicated to getting the pitch the people and hockey in this town deserves.

There are many parties pushing for this in the town - this site is to raise awareness, funds and support to the ultimate aim of getting a pitch and more facilities in the town.


If you would like to make a donation to the club for equipment and facilities please get in touch via the contacts page.


Please sign our e-petition to register your support for this project.

Pitch News

13.1.2014 - Club Meeting

Working in conjunction with the Grove School, the construction of a local, all-weather pitch finally seems to be just around the corner. Incredible dedication and hard work from Paul Butterfield and Brian Rawsthorne, amongst others, has seen them enter the latter stages of the application process to build this facility on the Grove School grounds. 

However, by no means can the work stop here and the Hockey Club and School need all the help they can get to make their dream of a pitch a very real and invaluable asset to the community. With potentially very generous donations from Sport England and England Hockey in the offing, the club have been set a minimum target of £5000 as our contribution. Thanks to help from our sponsors, Joule's Brewery and the commitment and dedication of all of those affiliated with the club we are already well under-way with this. 

However, £5000 is a minimum and we are not there yet. Even when we do achieve this, anymore we can raise would be a real show of our desire to progress as a club and community so please be aware of and get involved it, all of our fundraisers and events that will be posted on our 'News' page.

It is important to note that our targets set by Sport England and England Hockey are not only financial. Getting involved with the local community and in turn, getting the community involved with us is perhaps an even more important goal. To this end we aim to be involved heavily in local events such as the 10k, Rock & Bowl, Carnival and Medieval Fayre, although perhaps even more crucial will be what we can bring to the town in terms of sport and team spirit. Our 'get involved' page should tell you all you need to know about how we can help you get fit and have fun!

17.2.2012 - Radio Interview: Nick Reed

First XI Manager Nick Reed spoke to BBC Radio Shropshire about the project and how as a club and town we need an artificial pitch to help youth development and the sport in the town to progress.

22.2.2012 - Petition Passes 100 signatories

The online petition situated at has now gained over 100 signatories - an example of the support for the improvement of facilities for sport in the town.

A superb effort by all in promoting the cause - a century of signatures in 4 days since the creation of the petition on Thursday 16th of February shows a collective desire for the provision of facilities to aid sports clubs in the town.

Past Article: 9.4.2010 - Youngsters Revive Calls for Sports Facilities

Town youngsters in conjunction with local schools raised the profile of the plea in an effort to raise awareness however nothing came of the plan; see the story below.